• Mall
    • Webcatt Mall is an online marketplace solution establishing sales and qualified sales leads through product purchase and inquiry. This shopping demo of the system uses online payments and customer generated emails to qualify leads and complete sales. Each installation comes with a secure system login, item categories, tags, discounts, shipping and search.
      Webcatt is an information services developer for businesses, artists, technicians, writers and others. We are building next level publishing products and service types to manipulate, format and curate data. We refine content and develop instruction to compliment useful end products like websites, artwork, videos, music, business administration and lead generation.
      Ingenuity and know-how plus established experience with a wide range of large and small projects is key to our success so far. Blocks of development time are available if you're considering a publishing or development project that might require media production, research, micro-, E-, or traditional-publishing (with isbn), personal e-commerce website, document analysis and reporting for publication.
  • Projects
    • MOR is a small project studio writing and recording original music for distribution, promotions, advertising and audio books. Publishing opportunities include web radio, twitch.tv and a regular podcast. We also consider and review music at unsigned-reviews.ca
      GIM is a couple of writing and video professionals developing productions for music, marketing, business and entertainment. From analogue, through digital and back again we bring a host of ideas along with an ear that listens. Creative for hire.
      NLP, since 1991, has scouted for and acted upon publishing opportunities that more traditional publishing houses might pass upon. NLP brings job-tested creative and technical skills to bear on every NLP project.
  • Network
    • Artist Torus users and discussions is a promotional and teamwork space for individuals looking to acquire or sell tools and resources for the artist and their customers. Artists, buyers, suppliers and more.
      Business Torus for individuals promoting their wares is built to hold discussions and profiles for Webcatt Mall sellers, artists and associates. Membership is easy and free.
      The Music Torus might have a few musician or studio profiles, promotions to new releases or discussions on 432 kHz music. For music lovers, musicians and fans.